360 Degree Security

califorensics security sketch

Evaluate -> Research -> Recommend -> Protect

  • Customized Evaluations based on your organization’s needs and focus.
  • Certified Computer Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Firm with direct experience in real-world security breaches.
  • On-site service, in Sacramento and throughout the world.


Follow the Data

  • Where does it reside?
  • How is it protected?
    • Unauthorized viewing
    • Unauthorized modification
    • Unauthorized deletion
    • Unexpected data loss
  • Data Lifecycle
    • How long should the data be kept?
    • How should the data be destroyed after it is no longer needed?
    • What kind of long-term storage will ensure the data can be accessed later if necessary?
  • Trust Relationships
    • Who has access to your data, and why?
    • How do you remove access to data from former employees?

Physical Security

  • Who has access to what?
  • Are computers physically secured?
  • Are network devices physically secured?
  • Multiple sites

Network Security

  • WiFi Security / site survey / unauthorized access points
  • Wired security / site survey / open network ports
  • Remote access
    • Remote Devices
  • Email (cell phones / home PCs)
  • Multiple sites

Device Security

  • Desktop Security
  • Laptop Security
  • Tablet Security (what if it fell off a truck?)
  • Smartphones
  • Kiosks
  • Conference Rooms